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The Ten Spot

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the ten spot.
This community is based around the premise of this story that I found whilst perusing the world of fanfiction. Naturally, it intrigued and amused me and I thought Hey! That is a damn good idea!

Thus, The Ten Spot.

The Ten Spot is happily affiliated with tenwordstories because... come on. That's just fabulous. Seriously.

How To Join!
To join us, please go check the TAKEN MUSES list and see if your muse it free. If he/she/it is free, then head on over to the application post and send the mod an e-mail with your plea for a muse. Read all of the rules of the community before you apply. It contains information you need to know upon application. We get annoyed if you don't read the rules

*Our Experiment* We are currently allowing duplicate muses to see how it goes. We hope it allows for some interesting play between muses but duplicates do not have to interact with each other. We are only allowing two of the same character however. If this turns out not to work we will stop allowing them and only let those who currently have them to keep them until they are dropped. It's an experiment.

We are no longer waitlisting muses.

Because there has to be some

[0] ALPHA AND OMEGA! All mod decisions are final. We reserve the right to make any decision that affects the community at anytime, this includes rule changes, muse removals and the like.

[1] Members may have up to … well dudes and dudettes, you may have as many muses as you damn well please. Bring them on.

[2] Members must put their muse’s full name and fandom on their LJ user info page and also on their community posts, just so y’know, we know who you are. This is so important. Please do this.

[3] New challenges will be posted at the beginning of every month. Usually that will be about TEN prompts of which you must only complete one per month. It's easy. We encourage more, much more.

[4] Members must respond to at least one current challenge every four weeks. Therefore, once a month, at least! (You may however, answer old challenges whenever you please and the first prompt you answer can be any prompt, current or otherwise, you so desire.) When we do activity checks it will be monthly.

[5] There is no minimum response, though I suppose it should be at least ten.

[6] Members must post their full response to the main community. ‘cause I said so! Please, no linking. I know you may like it, but I don't. If you wish to have people comment in your muse journal and not the community, add a small "comment here" link below your Muse information.

[7] There will be no wank. I will physically harm you. See number nine for more about the harm that will be inflicted on you.

[8] Put the standard disclaimers on your userinfo please and thanks.

[9] No attacking of other members. It will not be tolerated. I shoot laser beams from my eyes, don’t mess with that rule.

TV: If your posts contain current season spoilers, put them behind a cuts in the main community.
MOVIES: Entries should be cut in the main community for a month after the world wide release date.
BOOKS: Entries should be cut in the main community for about a month after the world wide release date.
Also, Entries in YOUR journals don't need to be cut unless you want to, but please cut/warn in the community. This isn’t rocket science.

[11] Please, anything rated higher than R should also be put behind a cut.

[12] OOC things, such as intros and fangirling and the like should be placed in the OOC community. I am pro-fangirling. FANGIRL!

[13] We allow only one duplicate muse of any Character. This is an experiment and subject to change at any time.

[14] Be creative, have fun, and be nice? Ten’s the word.

[15] Make sure to include the magic phrase in all applications! Applications without it will no longer be accepted. Do not attempt to join the community until you've been approved. Application info here.

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